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Krysta O’Neill

Anna Robinson

Anna Robinson is a coach, facilitator, and leader, passionate about helping people transform their lives from the inside out. Currently, the lead Training and Development Facilitator at G3, Anna helps organizations create workplace environments where all employees can thrive; activate and elevate untapped leadership capacity, inspire vision, enrich experiences, and reach their full potential at work and in the world. 

Prior to joining G3 Anna worked in various roles at MIT, gaining extensive experience with individuals and teams creating innovative solutions to workforce problems. She has managed large scale change initiatives from conception to execution and thrives in environments where she is helping people learn the skills to be more effective at work and in life. Her earlier work, at MIT and the Boston University Student Health Center, spanned organizational development, change management, conflict resolution, facilitation, training, mental health counseling, and mobile crisis intervention.

Anna also has experience as the founder and owner of a wellness and coaching business. Through seminars, workshops, individual coaching, and self-guided resources, Anna strives to help others develop their inner strength, follow their dreams, create healthy relationships, and become the best version of themselves.  

Anna earned her B.A. in Psychology from Vassar College, her M.A. in Counseling and Behavioral Medicine from Boston University, and is certified in facilitative mediation through the Harvard Mediation Program. She is a certified yoga instructor, aspiring author, and world traveler, with a deep love of personal development, learning, exploration, and helping others.