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Krysta O’Neill

Anthony Ferraro

Anthony is G3’s Training & Development Coordinator responsible for managing client partnerships and coordinating the roll-out of personal and professional development trainings across the country. Through 10+ years in managerial positions, in both small and large companies, Anthony learned that the best way to make a lasting impact is to train and develop people in a way that connects them to what matters most to us. Anthony is passionate about finding answers to questions, like: How do we, as people, get excited to do the same thing every day as thought it’s our first time doing it? How do we connect with tasks we don’t enjoy doing as much, in a way that gives our fullest? It is through the G3 trainings that we answer these kinds of questions, and help people to establish a connection with each other such that they’re able to listen and communicate in new, more effective ways. 

Prior to joining G3, Anthony has held diverse positions. He started his career in the food industry, quickly gaining knowledge and experience and eventually becoming Assistant GM by the age of 20. Having learned the skills of customer relations, communication, and the daily operations of running a store, Anthony changed industries and moved into sales. By understanding the customers’ needs and wants, Anthony was able to become a branch manager in under 4 months. In the following 2 years the branch  grew sales by 70% to become a top-selling store in the district. Despite his professional success, Anthony still felt dissatisfied and began looking for a way to make greater impact in the world which led him to his current role. Since joining G3 Consulting Group, Anthony has helped companies be awarded over $500k in State-funded grants and is facilitator certified in Franklin Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  

Anthony holds a BA in Business Management and Marketing from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell.