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“Susan’s unique approach to leadership and human development has impacted me personally as well as my entire organization. Her work with my leadership team and all employees has helped to reignite a commitment to growing Boloco first and foremost through human development – an ethical and moral commitment I had always taken seriously but wasn’t always sure how to execute effectively. Susan and her team set the foundation with the tools to bring it to life.”
John Pepper Jr., Founder & CEO, Boloco

Inspirational Ones and G3 collaborated with restaurant chain, Boloco, to design, write, and edit a $168K Massachusetts Workforce Training Grant, which ultimately enabled the company to enhance both its corporate culture and delivery of service.

After Boloco received the grant, Inspirational Ones and G3 trained the company’s executive and senior management teams, general managers, and support staff in leadership, communication, culture, execution, time management, Gallup Strengths, and customer-service skills. As a result of that training, Boloco developed a signature language to increase communication across its team, particularly when faced with challenges. Additionally, Boloco’s leadership was able to build on its new foundation of skills, creating sustainable systems and processes to advance employees and increase retention.

The grant’s timing was perfect for Boloco, helping the organization open six new locations over two years, the largest growth in local history.



Increased internal advancement to management level positions by 28%
Decreased management turnover by 18%
Increased accountability to annual strategic goals by 37%
Increased employee engagement by 22%
Increased overall profitability by 8%