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Our Clients

G3 offers services to a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to: Education, Social Services, Manufacturing, Cleaning Services, Retail, Real Estate, Health and Wellness, and Hospitality.


Greyston Bakery

G3 has worked with Greyston Bakery for many years delivering individual and on-the-field coaching services to support the executive team. Most recently, G3 was hired to develop a curriculum for the Center for Open Hiring to share this revolutionary and transformative practice with other organizations looking to dismantle barriers to employment. G3 developed, designed, and delivered the first Open Hiring Learning Lab experience with great success, and will continue this partnership with the center sharing both G3’s facilitation and innovative capital expertise. 


G3 was hired by ShelterSuit for grant research to support them in identifying sustainable sources of funding to leverage year-over-year. The list of funding prospects produced by G3 is comprehensive, actionable, and includes both private and public funding sources that meet the specific needs and requirements of Sheltersuits organization and mission.

Social Justice

Northeast Arc

G3 has customized a training plan for NorthEast Arc that meets their needs and budget, specifically to provide support and training for new managers. G3’s leadership trainings can be applied to any specific challenge, and in this case to empower new managers and increase the competency is balancing empathy and driving results. 

South Bay

G3 worked with South Bay to support them in applying for a Workforce Training Grant, and in the delivery of our Core Suite of Trainings and Train the Trainer offering. South Bay has since incorporated the content learned in the Train the Trainer into their new employee training, and have adapted these conscious practices as a part of their culture and behavior every day. 


Imajine That

Imajine That

G3 designed and executed a training plan that enabled Imagine That to garner $96K to train 40 employees in branding, sales and marketing, and party and event planning provided by Baby Loves Disco and SuperLoops Leadership Training. Not only were employees able to receive certifications for their training, but they also earned college credit in child growth and development. Employees additionally received technical…

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Pine Village Preschool

G3 wrote a Workforce Training Grant for Pine Village Preschool in MA that enabled them to provide G3’s core suite of trainings, Leadership Academy live online training, and individual coaching for employees, as well as additional HR and Early Ed trainings to support the organization. They have successfully received funding for more than $187K for trainings that have been meaningful and impactful inside of the organization!

Little Sprouts

G3 developed, designed, and executed training for more than 400 educators, administrators, and executives with the help of a $2.4M grant. Some 70 Little Sprouts employees received training in FranklinCovey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Deepak Chopra’s Soul of Leadership. Additionally, 24 employees were trained in 7 Habits of Highly Effective…

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Hospitality and Restaurants


G3 wrote a Workforce Training Grant for Boloco in MA that enabled Boloco to provide G3’s core suite of trainings, Leadership Academy live online training, and individual coaching for employees. They have successfully received funding for trainings on more than one occasion, and continue to come back for more! 


G3 created a customized delivery of our core suite of trainings to meet the needs of SMASH’s managers working the demanding schedule that hospitality requires. G3’s five core modules – Strengths Based Leadership, Priority vs Preference, Authentic Communication… 

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In 2005, Inspirational Ones (IO) (and G3) submitted a Massachusetts Workforce Training Grant, which garnered Salvatore’s fine-dining restaurant $174,000 in training resources. Using those funds, IO, along with partner organizations, facilitated the training of 50 Salvatore’s…

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Health and Wellness


G3 developed and designed a training plan that ensured PrimaCare’s $68K grant to educate 350 medical staff in electronic medical records, leadership development, and customer-service and communication skills. This grant funding supported the company’s 40 percent business growth, which resulted in 27 new hires, a 30 percent rise in PrimaCare’s interview-to-hire rate, a 25 percent increase in performance bonuses across all organizational levels, and a 17 percent increased employee-retention rate.

Chopra Center

The Chopra Center

Thanks to its work with G3, The Chopra Center designed and executed a successful training plan, winning nearly $50K in training support to educate 77 executives, management, and staff in SuperLoops, Conscious Communication, consultative selling and customer service, time management, goals and accountability, team building and cross-team collaboration, project-management software utilization, and Salesforce.

Other Industries

Clean Craft - Cleaning Services

G3 has partnered with CleanCraft to assist with securing Innovative Capital in NY to train and develop their employees, and create a model for the roll out of Open Hiring practices inside of their organization. G3 is partnering with Greyston and CleanCraft to create a model to support organizations in adopting Open Hiring practices, and them support these employees with training and development opportunities to prepare them for the job and the workforce, and provides access to comprehensive support services for any challenges outside of work that would create barriers for these employees to otherwise be employed full time.

Wegowise - Technology

G3 has partnered with Wegowise, supporting them with their Workplace Development Grant as well as facilitating our G3 Suite of Trainings for their employees. G3 facilitated their Suite of Trainings, focusing on Strengths Based Leadership, Feedforward and Accountability, as well as their Train the Trainer model.