Co Creating a World that Works for EveryOne

Hello Friends,

No one and no business is immune to the impacts of the coronavirus.  The imperative to help those in need is paramount and, like leaders across the nation, we have put our minds to how we can reframe our business to be in service to recovering from the pandemic.  Importantly, we must not only work to get back on stable ground, but also to recover to a world that is better than where we started in 2020. 

We have secured $50 million in Workforce Development funding available to businesses wanting to grow or enhance their organizations through leadership development and inclusive hiring. 

We have developed expertise in securing funding in New York and Massachusetts and these funds continue to be available.  Our team of grant writers and tribe of advisors are focused on three things.

         1. Assisting employers in securing workforce development, apprenticeship and on-the-job training subsidies for low-wage employees that are available to any business paying into state unemployment.

         2. Assisting employers in aligning with social services to support low income employees coming back to work (e.g., childcare, mental health tools, temporary health benefits, transportation, healthy food).

         3. Assisting employers in creating an inclusive/conscious culture that supports employees at all levels throughout their organization.

We are committed to helping businesses in New York and Massachusetts recover.  G3 is donating our grant writing services to assist businesses in the recovery from covid-19.  It is our goal to secure grant funding for eligible businesses to secure funding to train, develop, and support their workforce as business operations find a new normal. Unfortunately, our team won’t be able to support every business immediately, but we will do our best to support businesses in securing grant funding for everyone that qualifies.  Our priority will be on those businesses with the greatest opportunity to get people back to work in communities that need it most.  If you are interested in learning more about our services, click here, and please contact us at for next steps!

Sending Love,

Susan Leger Ferraro

President and CEO

G3 Consulting Group