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Krysta O’Neill

Diane M. Randolph
Training Design Engineer

Diane M. Randolph has enjoyed a more than 10-year commitment to public service, program development, and grant-making. She has served in a variety of governmental agencies between Boston and NYC, and has a particular penchant for ensuring that dollars make sense. Diane’s guiding purpose is to bridge gaps, create community, and address the needs of individuals. She hails herself a poetic pragmatist—logical and creative, detailed and in the clouds, a chance taker who relies on good clean data to ensure outcomes are feasible, attainable, and capable of being funded.

Annually Diane raises more than $500K for programs that support individuals “across the life-span,” reaching children, youth, families, and elders. She has spearheaded programming to increase inclusion and productivity via workforce development and vocational training.

Diane is the Director of the Community Building Unit of the Massachusetts Office for Refugees and Immigrants where she manages seven staff, has fiscal oversight of $12M annually and supports resettlement of 2,000 refugees per year.

Diane has an M.S. from Tufts School of Medicine, an MFA from Lesley University, and a B.A. from Simmons College. In her free time she likes to hang out with her 7-year-old daughter, salsa dance, and write poetry.