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We at G3, along with the founders at WeTheChange, are beneficiaries of a Capitalist system, one that was never meant to work for Black people. Additionally, the celebration of exponential growth in profits for some excludes the vast majority of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and other people of marginalized identities. Our work with Human Sustainability at G3 is based on forty years of experience struggling with social justice, inclusion and equity.  We are committed to creating a radically inclusive and richly regenerative global economy, yet the experiences from May 2020 are horrific examples of how far we are from this vision.  We believe Black Lives Matter.  A recovery from Covid-19 must include addressing the social injustices in our economy.  This is our mission.
Please click here to read the complete statement from WeTheChange, Demands Justice and Equity for Black People. Now, signed by our founder Susan Leger-Ferraro.

G3 is donating our grant writing services to assist businesses in the recovery from covid-19.  It is our goal to secure grant funding for eligible businesses to support the training and development of their workforce as we find our way through this crisis to a new normal.  Please click here to learn more.

We accelerate the rise to greatness through human development and innovative capital.

G3 builds integral online and offline, customizable workplace training programs for organizations that want to activate and elevate employees’ untapped leadership and productivity capabilities and inspire them to enlarge their vision, enrich their experiences, and maximize their lives.

Leadership Training

G3 programs leverage the most current research and best practices from the worlds of business leadership, neuroscience, behavioral economics, self-awareness, and wellbeing.

Innovative Capital

G3 innovative capital programs leverage workforce training fund grants and federal funds to help organizations grow their people, perspectives, and results.

Curated Experts

G3 trainers captivate audiences as they introduce transformative new leadership tools, scientific research, and personalized practices.
Susan Leger Ferraro with Deepak Chopra

Conscious communication is a core value at Chopra Center. Thanks to Susan for making it part of our leadership training.

Deepak Chopra

Founder, Chopra Center

In the words of John Doeer, “Ideas are easy. Execution is everything.  It takes a team to win.”  G3 brings the strategic acumen to challenge ideas, operational know-how to assist in execution, and tremendous human capital skills to help build a winning team, all of which is critical to any CEO trying to challenge the status quo and maximize their business performance alongside making positive systems change in our country.  Susan and her G3 team were instrumental in translating our 35-year regenerative business practice of Open Hiring into a comprehensive curriculum allowing any company to implement an inclusive hiring strategy.

Mike Brady CEO/President of Greyston Foundation and Bakery

"Thank you Susan Leger Ferraro for helping to create an extraordinary strategic planning day. You are an amazing force of nature!"

Sara Kelly Harvy

I have had the good fortune to partner with G3 on a number of projects. To my mind, G3 has become an industry-leader in creating learning and development systems for organizations in diverse settings across the United States and beyond. Uniquely, G3 focuses upon cutting-edge Conscious Leadership practices including a focus on accountability, feedforward and strengths-based leadership. In this time of deep division and inequality, with organizations scrambling to elevate both leadership practices and company culture, G3’s offerings are both exceptional and timely. In addition, as organizations worry about their bottom-lines, G3 has a remarkable record of accessing innovative funding streams for organizations wishing to do this work. G3 is an exceptional organization whose mission absolutely meets this moment in history. To build organizational capacity and to access funds to do this, I could not recommend G3 more highly. 

Frances K. Hurley, Ed.D., Early Education Expert

“After 18 years of funding our own training and professional development programs at Pine Village Preschool, G3 Consulting Group guided us to accessing $187K in innovative capital and grant funds that we never knew existed, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Since our inception in 2001, we’ve been investing in the expansion and quality at Pine Village Preschool through various workshops, trainings, and educational programs.  

Had we known about these funds we could have accessed over $1 Million that we were paying into through the State Unemployment Program and we did not even know about it! The guidance and expertise from G3 have allowed us to expand our professional development programs to serve greater numbers of our staff and greatly improve the overall training program quality.”
Emma LaVecchia (Co-Founder at Pine Village Preschool)

"I remember the day I told you that in order for me to continue working for you, you would have to sponsor me for a work visa and pay all those fees. You just said, “OK, well let’s do whatever we need to do to keep you here”. As an employer the easiest thing would’ve been to just hire somebody else. Because you did this and gave me a work visa I was able to stay and later on meet my husband and start a family and a life here. If you hadn’t made that decision that one day my life would’ve been completely different and I wouldn’t have my beautiful daughter or loving husband in my life. The things we choose to do or not for other people really have an impact and I just want to thank you after all these years for not only talking the talk but walking the walk when it comes to supporting others around you and developing your community."

Marlén Rodriguez-Wolfe

"Conscious communication is a core value at Chopra Center. Thanks to Susan for making it part of our leadership training."

Deepak Chopra, Founder - Chopra Center

“Promoting leadership skills and encouraging professional growth has always been high on our list of priorities for our staff. We didn’t know how to create and build a strong professional development program, that allowed us to address the needs of our entire staff until we met with G3 Consulting Group.

With the combined efforts of G3 identifying our needs and pinpoint growth opportunities, together we planned a series of trainings that have brought our team together and helped us build a culture of life long learners. Their trainings are engaging, fun, informative and challenge all of us to tap into our own personal strengths.”

Brid Martin (Co-Founder at Pine Village Preschool)

"Developing people to learn the art of diplomacy, giving and taking to come to resolution is the most important work we can do for our children. As my brother said, the best social services is a strong economy. Susan's work with organizations has proven that and more. Keep it going. Education is where it's at Susan."

The late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, (D) Massachusetts

"We have had the pleasure of having Susan and Dan lead a number of training events for our teams over the years, and they have impacted our teams. With a diverse team of employees from around the world, Dan and Susan manage to put together materials that are relatable and pertain to all of our people from our President and COO to Crew members that have just joined the team."  
Matt Taylor, Chief Operating Officer - Boloco 

"There are very few people whom I have met during my career who have had the impact that Susan has had - and that impact is felt by seemingly everyone she touches. She is an outstanding person with whom to do business, and a wonderful person to know."

Michael Curry, Vice President, Engineering - IBM

"The G3 trainings are alive and deepening in work and life with each one course we take. It has given our organization a shared language that builds momentum."

Dallas Brown, VP Marketing and Digital Programming - Chopra Center

"I have been professionally associated with Susan Leger Ferraro since 1998. Susan exudes leadership in every endeavor she undertakes. Her teams always feel empowered as she consistently unleashes the talent of everyone within her organization.”

Gary McGuey, Senior Lead Consultant, Franklin Covey Company

"Thank you both for sharing this powerful content with us. We appreciate your willingness to adapt to our needs and to support the process. I look forward to integrating this style of communication into our culture."

Jennalee Tracy, Director - Chopra Center

"Susan has taught us about the critical importance of relational and communication skills to empower 21st Century leaders and employees in cross sector business growth leading to a highly engaged workforce."

Secretary Ron Walker of Department of Labor and Workforce Development

“Susan has a rare combination of playful creativity, boundless energy, business acumen, and belief in what she is doing that makes people want to follow her. She is also a brilliant connector, with the confidence and magnetism to build bridges across almost any conceivable domain.”

Michael Curry, Vice President, Engineering - IBM

“Susan Leger-Ferraro is one of the best thinkers I have ever come across. Her thinking is broad, innovative, and all encompassing, and her vision of projects to come is always extraordinary. Central to Susan’s thinking is always the question ‘How do we truly take care of people and provide a context for personal growth?’ Susan's record of success speaks to the wisdom of her approach.”

Dr. Frances Hurley, Educational Consultant

"Our lives and work are expanded and improved because of you and your team, Susan. Thank you for making a huge difference, to us and to many."

Amanda Ringnalda, VP of Client Services - Chopra Center

“Susan exudes leadership in every endeavor she undertakes. Her teams always feel empowered as she consistently unleashes the talent of everyone within her organization.”

Gary McGuey, Senior Lead Consultant, Franklin Covey Company

"Susan's unique approach to leadership and human development has impacted me personally as well as my entire organization. Her work with my leadership team and all employees has helped to reignite a commitment to growing Boloco first and foremost through human development - an ethical and moral commitment I had always taken seriously but wasn’t always sure how to execute effectively. Susan and her team set the foundation with the tools to bring it to life."

John Pepper Jr., Founder & CEO, Boloco

"I have been honored to walk besides Susan through her journey. She has always challenged me personally and professionally to live the vibe and spread it throughout the world."

Kathleen McEneaney Curry

"Susan Leger Ferraro was/is an inspiration to me when I first jumped into the field of Early Childhood Education. What she does for the youngsters in our community is amazing."

Kaitlyn Vitale

"I had the pleasure of working for this amazing woman for the better part of ten years. As a leader i watched her go above and beyond for me on many occasions! She is truly an inspiring human!"

Kym Safran

"You are a legend Susan Leger Ferraro!! Always have and always will look up to you!"

Katelyn Armstrong Holston

"An incredible Dynamo making a difference in our world today for the benefit of the future- Susan rocks!"

John Daly

"This is only a splash of all the amazing work, leadership, guidance and mentoring you have done for so many people over the years. Thank you for all that you have done to better the world and l look forward to watching the greatness you will accomplish as you continue to grow."

Jessica Brenes

"Tremendous visionary, consummate professional. Every organization will make improve/enhance from Susan's leadership offerings."

Gary McGuey, Senior Lead Consultant, Franklin Covey Company

"Susan - you have been such an inspiration for so many people. I have grown as an individual and professional from the 1st day I meant you a few years ago. To have you lead and challenge me to be a better person at one point in my career was just the start but to get the opportunity to work with you Jess, Krysta and the rest of the team again, has been a dream! Thank you for your inspiration and leadership as you continue to challenge me to be my best!"

Jenn Harnois Michalozski

"You are so inspiring..and blessed to love what you do and share that love with others...congratulations for all your adventures and future success in all that you do!"

Iris Almonacid

I have been working with the G3 team on a leadership development program for managers since 2019. What I really appreciated about G3, is that they initially took the time to understand where we had the biggest growth opportunities, and designed a training program that fit those needs best. They also made the effort to check in with me weekly to assess how the learning was landing, and suggest pivots where necessary, to ensure overall effectiveness. I truly felt Anna and Karen were totally invested in delivering a program that made the biggest impact on my unique leadership team. I highly recommend Anna, Karen and G3 as an organization!

Mitch Langeler

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