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Lupoli Companies: Salvatore’s, Sal’s Pizza, and Riverwalk Properties

In 2005, Inspirational Ones (IO) (and G3) submitted a Massachusetts Workforce Training Grant, which garnered Salvatore’s fine-dining restaurant $174,000 in training resources. Using those funds, IO, along with partner organizations, facilitated the training of 50 Salvatore’s employees in leadership, mid-level management, managing up, and time-management skills.

Training at Salvatore's

In that same year, IO garnered Salvatore’s a $49,500 ESOL/GED grant, which enabled IO to train more than 200 employees in workplace ESOL. IO also offered GED preparation and testing for employees who had not completed high school. Additionally, more than 500 Salvatore’s, Sal’s Pizza, and Riverwalk Properties employees were able to be trained in sales and marketing, strategic planning, 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, and Customer Service: The Gold Standard, thanks to the $189,000 Workforce Training Grant IO successfully created.

In 2013, Lupoli Companies received a $240,000 Workforce Training Grant. With those resources, the company was able to train its employees in The Economic Advantage of Conscious Leadership, a program based on Drs. Deepak Chopra and Rudy Tanzi’s publications on brain research. Employees also benefited from the Power of Trust, Gazelles Institute – Top Grading, and Jack Daly’s Hyper Sales Growth. Through those programs, employees learned how to retain employees, promote from within, and increase sales. Additionally, in keeping with it’s commitment to meeting customers needs, Lupoli also trained its employees in gluten-free food preparation and handling. All trainings were highly beneficial with the company’s achieving a 20% growth rate, reducing staff turnover by 35%, and helping 20 emerging managers become trainers themselves.

“These innovative grants changed the direction of our organization. We became even more invested in our people and witnessed great growth among all those who took part in the invaluable trainings.”

Sal Lupoli
CEO, Lupoli Companies


Reduced turnover by 20%
Increased employee attraction and retention by 17%
Positioned four general managers to become owner-partners
Increased revenue by 12%
Increased internal advancement to management positions by 33%