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Our Offerings

Maximize Your Impact

Conscious Leadership and Conscious Living

Maximize Future Impact

Transformational Leadership

Maximize Your Value

Economic Advantage of Conscious Leadership Practices

Maximize Engagement & Retention

Transforming Culture, Relationships, and Work Environment

Maximize Your Human Insights

Self, Other, Team, Motivation, Inspiration, Engagement, and Retention

Maximize You

Commit to Authenticity, Responsibility, Leadership Excellence, Self-Improvement, and Lifelong Learning

Maximize Your Well-Being

Understand and Actualize Gallup’s Five Elements of Well-Being: Career, Social, Financial, Physical, and Community

Maximize Focus & Self-Motivation

Purpose, Mission, Goals, Priority-Setting, Attention, Engagement, Productivity, Organization, Time Management, Self-Confidence, and Drive

Maximize Interpersonal Dynamics & Perspective-Taking

Active Listening, Adaptability, Flexibility, Emotional Intelligence, Consensus Building, Conflict Resolution, and Bridging Differences

Maximize Your Communication

Conscious vs. Unconscious Communication, Defining Message Goals and Strategies, Expressing The Right Tone, Right Message and Right Timing, Reading Your Audience, Holding Attention and Telling Your Story, Closing the Sale, Persuasion, and Communication Pitfalls

Maximize Your Idea Generating and Connection-Discoveries

Idea Visualization, Connecting Analytics with Creativity, Unusual Connections, Intuitive Connections, and Innovative Connections

Maximize Your Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Abilities

Goals, Objectives, Strategic Imperatives, Incisive Inquiry, Research, Resources, Process, Synthesis, and Evaluation: Risk and Reward

Maximize Your Positivity in Meeting & Surpassing Challenges

Team Motivation, Project Management, Goal-Setting, Strategy Setting and Navigation, and Predicting Future Outcomes and Obstacles

Maximize Your Passion, Curiosity and Lifelong Growth

Understand and Employ the Brain’s Executive Functions

Other Offerings, TBD