Co Creating a World that Works for EveryOne

G3 Suite of Trainings


This training facilitates the creation of a culture of strengths-based development that focuses on continual growth and improvement for all. In transformational, strengths-based workplaces, culture is borne of a shift from the old ways of managing people to the right ways of developing them. Using the Clifton Strengths assessment, participants will uncover which talents they rely on to build relationships, think strategically, execute plans and influence others to accomplish goals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand Balconies & Basements
  • Learn how to implement Strengths Finder tools 
  • Be aware of the Raw form and Mature form of each strength
  • Learn how to utilize the Action Planning Guide


In this training the following topics will be covered: organizational strengths; what is integrity, and why is it critical to our success; organizational Core Values and how are they being lived; self and peer accountability; the value of language and the difference between justified and empowered language; setting and achieving goals using our Goal Setting Formula for success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify Authentic Leadership Criteria
  • Determine Ways to Create Accountability
  • Impact of Time Management
  • Creating and Achieve Goals
  • Creating an Action Plan


Dive deep into the framework for Authentic Communication, and the interpersonal challenges that arise. How do our strengths influence our communication skills? How are we hardwired to communicate? Where does self and peer accountability relate to the authentic communication process? Learn to develop a win-win agreement using the authentic communication process, to create lasting success.

Learning Objectives:

    • Learn the dynamics of an Authentic Conversation
    • Learn the elements of a Responsible Clearing
    • Learn the practice of FeedForward and how it impacts team and individual fulfillment and results as the foundation of accountability
    • Develop the power of moving from Justified to Empowered language
    • Know, understand, recognize, and honor the Human Survival Skills
    • Understand Unconscious Bias and how it informs our interpretations of the world


In this training, participants will: gain understanding of the importance of Active listening, what it is and what it is not; learn the 5 Listening Styles, and how we use them; practice Empathic Listening and the difference between being listened to versus being understood; and look at what matters most in conversation, beyond the words we use. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Embody Generous listening
  • Access Curious questioning
  • Practice Direct communication 
  • Gain Knowledge of the 5 Listening Styles
  • Practice and learn to apply Empathic Listening Skills
  • Learn how to do a Responsible Clearing
  • Celebrating diversity


In this training, participants will: consolidate all the learning from the previous 4 training sessions and learn the crucial elements of restorative leadership practices; learn the importance of focus and measurement of key performance indicators; and understand the way in which the interconnectedness of teams and people affects all elements of an organization.

Learning Objectives:

  • Reconnect on previous learning
  • Brainstorming and innovation
  • Five behaviors of a cohesive team
  • Trust and integrity
  • Organizational Health
  • Establishing High Functioning Teams
  • Everybody wins


  • Leadership Academy: Online platform to deepen learning and build on accountability and FeedForward competencies that are introduced in earlier steps. These meetings are held at a regular interval via Zoom, giving teams the space to learn, practice, and debrief the skills they are practicing every day.
  • Coaching Connection: Precision Training through 1:1 coaching designed to create individual responsibility, develop a passion for cultivating strengths, recognizing blind spots, and the recognition that because results are created by design or default, we get to choose intentionally.
  • On the Field Coaching: Coaching team members as they show up in real-time in Executive Meetings. Focus on: what strengths they are practicing, where are the opportunities to grow, where are the gaps?
  • Six Month follow-up: G3 will come into the organization every six months on a one-time fee to conduct audits for you for sustainable impact and fine tweaking.